The Search Party

Remember the you that you used to be?

I see you sitting in front of the TV or computer. I know what you are thinking: the same exact thing that you were thinking yesterday. I know your schedule: dragging yourself out of bed, and then to work, and then home again, to repeat again tomorrow. I know you are waiting: for five o’clock, for the weekend, for vacations. I know you love your kids, hate your job and wish for more.

I know you, because I am you. Or I was. I have been on a journey that I think you have been longing for. It has a very wide path and can accommodate all who wish to come. I invite you to put down that remote control, get off your keister and join me.

Here’s the thing; we started this journey together many years ago. Remember? When our wagons were space ship and our blanket forts were castles? When our imaginations were unlimited and our bravery unquestioned?

Remember? When we went to sleep listening to katydids, and excitedly woke up to the sun? When joy was a melting popsicle, a mother’s hug, and playing dress up with the cat?

We had dreams of being astronauts and ballerinas and pirates. What we became were explorers of the internet, yoga attendees twice a week and wall street traders.

We played outside until the street lights came on, making up rules as we went. We lived in the moment, never held grudges and loved games.

Until a new game was required. Sitting in front of a desk for 7 hours at school (for some of us, under the desk to survive nuclear attacks–those must have been strong desks). Regurgitating facts.

Thinking what your family thought and what the books written decades ago told you to think. Thinking linear, logical, historical. Storing our imaginations away with the kindergarten naptime rugs.

We got good grades, then picked a college and a major. We got a degree at 22, when we had no fricking idea what you really wanted to do, or who you were for that matter.

Got a job (see above). Got married (see above). Got a house and a mortgage, worked harder to get a promotion to get a bigger house. Got a couple of kids, a daycare, a 529b account, a private school.

Got an ulcer, high blood pressure and anxiety attacks

Got medication to relieve the symptoms but masked the cause.

And what is the cause? Somewhere along the way, you lost—You.

It is time to organize a search party.

(to be continued…)

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