Going After Your Dreams

Human Beings are a goal oriented species. Evolving from grabbing an apple off a tree to lusting after a Ferrari, we have always wanted something more. Quite simply, we all have goals we wish to achieve.

The problem is many times we don’t reach the goals we set, or perhaps we are not even sure what the goals are.   The yearning to acquire something more, become something more, strive for something more, however, seems to always be in our psyche, just below the surface.

According to Bob Proctor, an internationally known author of personal and professional development programs, there are different types of goals, and reasons why we may not achieve the results we desire.

Based on Napoleon Hill’s classic book,   Think and Grow Rich , as well as Proctor’s own best selling book, You Were Born Rich , Proctor submits there are three primary types of goals.


Type “A” goals   are those we do everyday and know we can accomplish, such as getting out of bed (on most days), paying our bills, tying our shoes, etc. We are in our comfort zone when we accomplish these goals.

Type “B” goals   are those we want to do and know how to accomplish. For example, if we want to get a higher education, we know we need to pick a field, pick a school, speak with a counselor, enroll, buy books, get out of bed (on most days), and then get to class! But just because we know how to accomplish this goal doesn’t mean we will actually take the steps necessary to achieve it.

The vast majority of people bounce between Type “A” and Type “B” goals, never really attaining the results that they actually want.

Then there are the Type “C” goals.  These are our fantasy goals, the dreams we hardly admit to ourselves, let along anyone else. These are the goals that stir our soul. These are what we dreamed of doing or being or having when we were young. Since none of us are getting any younger, perhaps it is time to go after them.

These Type “C” goals are so big that we have no idea how to achieve them, so we simply stop thinking about them. But they are so inspiring, so motivating that we can’t quite let them go.

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