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Paula Kidd Casey

Known as The Lawyer of Attraction™...
Paula had been a successful family law attorney for over 30 years before realizing that the money and success she had attained was unfulfilling.

The very career to which she had devoted her life became suffocating–it was blocking her from following her passion.

After dedicating herself to nearly a decade of extensive research, Paula discovered the life-changing secrets to obtaining a fulfilling, abundant life.

She reveals the evidence, data, & science behind these secrets and how The Natural Laws of the Universe, when used to one’s advantage, can produce a prosperous and authentic life.

She is a sought-after speaker, teacher and coach for all who wish to access the magic of genuine abundance…”







  • “Sit down with Paula and give her an opportunity to show you how to improve every aspect of your life.”

    Bob Proctor, President Proctor Gallagher Institute & Int'l Best-Selling Author and Speaker
  • “Paula is a person that has inspired me, taught me and made my life a lot more fun for the last eight years.”

    Mike Dooley, Speaker, Author NYT Bestselling Author of Infinite Possibilities, Int'l Speaker
  • “Paula’s incredible… She’s mind-blowing… She’s brilliant! She will help you change your life.”

    Jewels Johnson, CEO Law of Attraction Radio Network and Magazine
  • “Paula is one of the most sincere people I know… she’s intelligent, no-nonsense and really cares. Her class made my life so much richer. It’s a big-ticket course but worth every penny!”

    Brook Peck, Sales Executive Medical Device Sales
  • “As a successful attorney, Paula Casey makes a compelling case for magic, manifestation and miracles. Her testimony leaves but one possible conclusion. The Law of Attraction is real.”

    Pam Grout, Author #1 NYT Best-Selling Author of E-Squared and 17 other books
  • “This information is invaluable. It is a high-end program and worth much more than I paid. Paula has not only helped me increase my business, but I also use the concepts in coaching my business clients.”

    Lee Gray, Owner Action Coach Business Coaching, Wichita, Kansas
  • I love your work, Paula! I love how comprehensive it is and just your essence. How you really have people connect to the Law of Attraction and make it a way of life.”

    Diane Collins, Author, Creator Award-Winning Do You Quantum Think? & Quantum Think System
  • “I initially took Paula’s class to increase my sales. Although I more than tripled my sales almost immediately, what it really did was change every aspect of my life. This class ended up being one of the most important things I have ever done and well worth the investment at any price.”

    Kristy K. McFarland Retired A.T.&T Sales Executive
  • “As a stay-at-home mother of two small boys, I thought my options were pretty limited. What I found after taking Paula’s program is how limitless my life and choices are. It has changed my whole outlook on life and the opportunities available to me.”

    Anna Kraus Proud Wife and Mother

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