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Who is Paula Kidd Casey ?

“Known as The Lawyer of Attraction™, Paula had been a successful family law attorney for over 30 years before realizing that the money and success she had attained was unfulfilling. The very career to which she had devoted her life become suffocating–it was blocking her from following her passion. After dedicating herself to nearly a decade of extensive research, Paula discovered the life-changing secrets to obtaining a fulfilling, abundant life. She reveals the evidence, data, & science behind these secrets and how The Natural Laws of the Universe, when used to one’s advantage, can produce a prosperous and authentic life. She is a sought-after speaker, teacher and coach for all who wish to access the magic of genuine abundance…”

Create a New Reality

What if we start a conversation about what we can all agree on? When Jon Stewart, my son-in-law and myself can actually agree on a principle, I start checking the weather report in Hell to see if there is a forecast of ice. But when my son-in-law, whom I love but with whom I disagree Read more

Remember the you that you used to be? I see you sitting in front of the TV or computer. I know what you are thinking: the same exact thing that you were thinking yesterday. I know your schedule: dragging yourself out of bed, and then to work, and then home again, to repeat again tomorrow Read more

Follow the Twinkle Lights… Epiphany: a moment of sudden revelation or insight.  When I think of attempting to write about a specific “epiphany” in my life, I am, quite frankly, at a loss. I equate an epiphany with a bolt of lightning bringing sudden insight, or an out of body or near- death experience. I Read more

Pin-pointing your purpose, vision and goals is absolutely essential to your success. In our solar system the sun is one stable element around which all of the planets revolve. Your Purpose is your sun. It doesn’t move; it doesn’t change. Your Vision and its subsequent Goals are the planets that revolve around your Purpose’s perimeter Read more

Human Beings are a goal oriented species. Evolving from grabbing an apple off a tree to lusting after a Ferrari, we have always wanted something more. Quite simply, we all have goals we wish to achieve. The problem is many times we don’t reach the goals we set, or perhaps we are not even sure Read more

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